Country Days
 Austria 3 to 6
 Belgium 1 to 2
 Bulgaria 3 to 5
Czech Republic 3 to 5
 Denmark 4 to 9
 Estonia 3 to 6
 Finland 4 to 9
 France 3 to 6
 Germany 3 to 6
 Hungary 3 to 5
 Ireland 3 to 6
 Italy 4 to 9
 Lithuania 4 to 6
 Latvia 4 to 6
 Luxembourg 2 to 3
 Netherlands 1
 Poland 3 to 5
 Portugal 4 to 9
 Romania 4 to 9
 Slovakia 4 to 9
 Spain 4 to 9
 Sweden 4 to 9
UK* 1 to 3
 Switzerland Pick up**

*LifeSpan Europe is set up to ship orders to Great Britain. Are you ordering a product from the UK? No problem! Then that includes customs costs, VAT and paperwork for the import. Most items are delivered from our UK warehouse. Some items, such as combinations with desks, have a longer delivery time. These come from our Dutch warehouse.

**We do not deliver in Switzerland itself, but we have a collection point just across the border in Waldshut-Tiengen (Germany). Contact us about the method.

Delivery outside the EU and UK

LifeSpan Europe can deliver in most of the European Union and also in the United Kingdom. Are you located outside our standard delivery area? And do you still want to order our LifeSpan equipment? Maybe that’s possible. We work together with a number of carriers who can continue to deliver, whereby we can make a customized quote. Contact us and we’ll let you know what’s possible!

Free shipment

Order your LifeSpan Fitness Device or Workplace online, and we’ll get to work right away! Ordered before 15:00, shipped the same day with Palletways throughout Europe. Fitness machines are heavy products and are shipped on a pallet. The transporter delivers the pallet to the first threshold of the building. If you live in an apartment, your order will be delivered at the entrance of the building and not to your front door. The carrier delivers the pallet with the fitness equipment to the point where he can reach with his pallet truck.