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Home Fitness

Why exercising at home?

  • You don't have to get out of the house. The barrier to start exercising is much lower.
  • No crowded and noisy gyms, but exercising in the comfort of your own home!
  • Easy to combine with a busy life. You can exercise when the children are asleep.

Why LifeSpan Europe?

    • Solid equipment for a reasonable price.
    • Free delivery within the EU.
    • Extended warranty, so you can exercise with confidence!

Elliptical crosstrainers

Train like never before with the LifeSpan crosstrainers. Thanks to the patented, innovative CoreBalance Technology your training motion is symmetrical and balanced and injury is prevented. The crosstrainers feature a long stride length so you can take full strides and your training feels comfortable and natural. So whether you want to train with low or high resistance or a high or low ramp level, your training is always very friendly to your joints. The crosstrainers are very sturdy and both suitable for intense home use and semi-professional use. 


The LifeSpan treadmills can be used for intense home use, semi-professional and professional use, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Walk, jog or run at high speed with your favorite music blasting from the speakers, keep an eye on your training results with the LifeSpan Fit app, or draw your speed and angle of inclination with the innovative Quick Draw Technology. The treadmills are equipped with a long and wide running surface with compression shocks to make your training very comfortable and joint-friendly. Start your workout today! 

The exercise bike might be the best known home fitness device out there. The LifeSpan exercise bikes have large, comfortable and adjustable seats, so athletes measuring from 152 to 203 cm can exercise ergonomically and effectively and a nice backrest to fully support your back during your training. Thanks to the multi position handlebar you can vary with your training posture, for example taking a racing posture when you seriously boost your training resistance. With our innovative Cycle Boxer you can even cycle and punch simultaneously to train your reaction time and learn how to multitask because you have to do two things at the same time. [lifespan-button

Accessories and maintenance

Besides high quality fitness equipment we also have nice accessoires to make your workout even more fun and effective and to make sure you’ll enjoy your fitness equipment for ages. How about the LifeSpan Bluetooth heart rate chest strap to measure your heart rate. Exercising in your ideal training zone helps you to train goal-oriented and more safe. You can also  get started with the stretch machine to keep your body flexible and supple and to prevent injuries. And if you want to make sure your treadmill will last for ages, then lubricate the running surface with the LifeSpan Treadmill Belt Lubricant!


We deliver throughout Europe

Europe delivers fitness equipment in almost all over Europe. In addition to the UK and Ireland, we also deliver to Germany, France, Poland, The Netherlands, Italy and more. Click here for a complete overview. Is your country not listed? Let us know! 


Do you want to stay informed about the latest fitness news? Then view our blog page. It contains tips, information and manuals to get the most out of your LifeSpan equipment.

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