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Are Corporate Gyms Dead

Are Corporate Gyms Dead

, by Ronald de Hoog, 9 min reading time

The American College of Sports Medicine named online training as its number one fitness trend for 2021, which was up 25 spots compared to its 2020 position. Since the pandemic began, 76% of Americans said they had tried working out from home, with 66% saying they preferred it. 

The respondents in the survey offered all sorts of reasons why they preferred working out at home. Their responses included no lines for equipment, no commute, no worrying about child care or whether they fit in with the “gym crowd.” These reasons all boil down to the same line of reasoning: at-home fitness is easier. 

That brings us to the question this blog addresses: are corporate gyms dead? While they might not be dead, corporate gyms are struggling to compete with at-home fitness solutions. Part of this is because of the complications caused by the pandemic. Part of it has to do with people wanting a more convenient workout solution. 

Lifespan is here to respond to the demand for more convenient workout solutions. We understand how pleasant it is to be able to exercise while you work, increase productivity, mental health, and your free time. We want you to be able to dine with your family and play with your kids while staying healthy and active. Our at-home fitness equipment is here to make your life easier and healthier. We’re here to tell you fitness doesn’t have to be a grind and you should be able to do it on your own time. 


The pandemic surely expedited the switch to at-home workouts, but there were already underlying issues to the corporate gym model. The pandemic just revealed what all of us were already thinking: can’t we just work and workout from home? The answer has been a resounding yes. 

According to a study published by Great Place to Work, work productivity was steady or increased in companies working from home. The study took place over two years and surveyed 800,000 employees. A study published in Fortune magazine found that nine out of ten people surveyed plan on continuing to workout from home even after the pandemic is a distant memory. 

The verdict is clear: while the pandemic may have been the cause of the at-home workout push, it’s not what’s sustaining it. Because people are achieving results from the workout-from-home model, there’s no reason to stop. 

As the case of Brent Leffel (one of the interviewees in the Fortune article) attests,  he used to spend 90 minutes before the pandemic getting to and from the gym. Only 45 of those were spent working out. Working out from home, he dedicates all 90 minutes (if he wants) to working out. Whatever time he doesn’t spend working out is entirely his. 



Working out after a hard day’s work is challenging enough. Dealing with traffic and a crowded gym is downright discouraging. Why waste time packing your gym bag, preparing a shake, or fighting for a parking space when you could be finished with your workout at home by the time you would be getting to the gym? 

There’s also the temptation to treat the gym like a fashion contest. Many gym-goers wear their best clothing and turn it into a competition. When you’re at home, the only competition is yourself and you don’t have to worry about wearing things to impress people. 

Hopping into the shower immediately after a workout is also one of the best feelings in the world. Why let the sweat dry in your car while you wait in traffic? You could shower at the gym, but we all know how gross those floors can get. And who wants to share a shower, anyway? 

With a gym, you either have to wait until the end of the day to workout or wake up extremely early. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to go during your lunch break, but chances are, you’re going to have to deal with the 5 o’clock rush. If you decide to go in the morning, you will likely face a wave of exhaustion on your way home. 

Having an at-home gym gives you the opportunity to stay active at home with equipment such as treadmill desks and under desk bikes. Get your cardio in throughout the day, a quick lift at lunch, and you easily increase your free time by a couple hours and increase your energy throughout the day

Save Time

That brings us to our next point. If only we had unlimited time, getting to the gym might not be a problem. But we don’t have unlimited time. We’re constantly stressed, trying to economize the time we spend on every activity, running around like chickens with our heads cut off. 

What if, after a stressful day at work, you had the entire evening to yourself? Think about the possibilities. Start a new hobby, spend time with your family, read, tend the garden, go to the movies. There is so much more to life than working, working out, eating, and sleeping. When you have to drive to the gym and back home, that’s typically what your life starts to look like. 

With an at-home gym lifestyle, your social responsibilities suddenly don’t seem so daunting. Family-time finally becomes attainable. You don’t have to feel guilty about watching a couple episodes of your favorite show. Your life instantly gains structure because you don’t have to worry about curveballs like an hour-long delay in rush hour traffic. 

You Save Money 

Investing in your at-home gym is just that: an investment. While money spent every month on a gym membership isn’t exactly pouring money down the drain, you should ask yourself how much you’re using the gym and whether it’s worth it. Investing in at-home fitness equipment,  even something as simple as a standing desk  aero balance board,  pays for itself within the first few months so long as you use it. 

It’s not just about the money you spend on your gym membership, either. You also have to factor gas money and the money you could earn by doing something other than traveling back and forth to the gym into account. For example, working overtime or launching your new business. 

Avoiding Germs 

In light of the pandemic, it’s no wonder why gyms came under scrutiny. They’re gathering places filled with heavy breathing and profuse sweating, germ paradises. On top of avoiding germs, investing in an at-home fitness area prevents you from losing your fitness progress during gym closures and restrictions. 

Though we are likely past the majority of gym closures and restrictions, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we never know what’s liable to occur. Having unforeseen circumstances derail your fitness progress is disheartening and stressful. Having an at-home fitness area puts the control of your fitness goals in your hands, regardless of what’s occurring in the outside world.

Limits Excuses 

While having an at-home fitness area doesn’t prevent you from missing workouts, it limits the excuses available to you. You can no longer say, “well, I just didn’t want to deal with traffic,” or “I don’t have time.” When you have an at-home gym, you have no choice but to be fully accountable to the reasons why you did or didn’t finish your workout. 

Accountability is everything while adhering to a fitness plan, and being able to workout from the comfort of your home is an easy way to ensure you stay on track for your fitness goals. More opportunities throughout the day, no hassle in getting ready for the gym, no obstacles to overcome besides your own mind, that’s what having an at-home fitness program does for you. 


Sufficient Space

When creating an at-home workout station, you need to consider whether your proposed room can accommodate your equipment. Are you planning on having an at-home office workout room? Then you need to account for your workspace and fitness area. Whether that means separating the two or combining them with the likes of a yoga ball chair or stability mat, you need a room design that gives you space to breathe. No one likes to feel cramped during a workout. 

Plan Your Workouts 

Planning your workouts ensures that you stay accountable to a plan. You won’t notice missed  workouts if you never planned them in the first place. You don’t need to be a drill sergeant about your workout plan, but you should have a general idea of your schedule so you can hold yourself accountable and track your progress. 

Warming Up/Cooling Down 

Warming up and cooling down ensure you get the most out of your workout while staying safe. Warming up for just fifteen minutes can significantly boost your workout and cooling down facilitates recovery after you’re finished.

Bodyweight Workout 

Having a treadmill desk is a great way to do cardiovascular exercises. However, you want to mix up your workout routine. The easiest way to do this is by using bodyweight workouts. Bodyweight workouts feature natural resistance exercises and you can easily compare them with aerobic exercises. They are a great way to strengthen your muscles and increase your functional fitness. 


Lifespan Fitness is here to simplify the transition from corporate gym fitness to at-home fitness. Our line of office and at-home equipment gives you complete control over your workouts so you never lose motivation again. 

Don’t waste anymore time in traffic or waiting in line for equipment. Contact us today and start building your at-home fitness routine today. 


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