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LifeSpan Fitness Hometrainer Recumbent Bike R7000i Professional

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LifeSpan Recumbent Bike R7000i for professional use and suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, with a height-adjustable saddle and adjustable, breathable backrest and comfortable armrests. 16 resistance levels and a media holder.

Recumbent bike with a comfortable seat and heart rate sensors 

The R7000i is a great recumbent bike for professional use. It has a soft seat made out of molded foam and a breathable comfy backrest which offers optimal ventilation. The seat can be adjusted in length up to 36 cm to offer athletes with various body heights a comfortable ride. The armrests are equipped with heart rate sensors for you to check your heart rate during your training. This way you can make sure you’re training in a heart rate that fits your training goals.

16 resistance levels and 21 training programs 

The Recumbent Bike R7000i has a total of 16 resistance level to work up a sweat. The 21 fun and demanding training programs offer you plenty of choice for a varied workout. If you’ve trouble finding the right exercise program, you can put together your own to satisfy your needs. The recumbent bike features tablet compatibility and can be linked to the Lifespan app. With this app you get detailed graphical representations of your training results on your tablet or smartphone. The recumbent bike doesn’t need a socket to gain its electricity, it needs you. You have to keep pedaling to fire up the console and to charge your electronic devices with the integrated USB port. With the LifeSpan Recumbent Bike R7000i your ideal fitness routine is just a heartbeat away.

Not dependent on mains power

With the R7000i you generate your own power simply by pedalling. You don't need a power cord and power socket and you can place the recumbent bike anywhere you like. This is handy and both budget and eco friendly. The R7000i features 16 resistance levels, a maximum user weight of no less than 181 kg en is suitable for long-term and intensive professional use.

Varied workout

With the R7000i you don't have the same training twice. One day you're training goal oriented with a heart rate program and the next day you're slimming down with a Weight Management program. This keeps your training fun and varied and you won't get bored. You can also choose a Healthy Living program or Sporttraining program. The recumbent bike has a stunning 19 training programs so you won't be done training anytime soon.

Backrest to provide optimal comfort

The R7000i has a pleasant backrest which perfectly supports your back during training. The backrest is made of breathable and airy material and resembles the backrest of an office chair. This makes it very comfy. The backrest has armrests to put your arms at rest and built-in heart rate sensors so you can measure and view your heart rate with the push of a button. The seat is height adjustable to 35.5 cm so you can get yourself an optimal training posture.

Exercising with the LifeSpan Club App

The R7000i has Bluetooth-connectivity so you can use the training apps LifeSpan Club, MyFitnessPal and Google Fit. With these apps you van synchronise your training results on your smartphone and view them there. Because you can also view your earlier training results this is a nice and effective way to keep track of your training progress.



  • Display

    Multi-color LCD display, interactive Touchscreen console

  • View

    Exercise program, date and time, workout time, calories, rotations per minute (RPM), distance, heart rate, speed, resistance level

  • Exercise programs

    2 heart rate programs, 2 customized user programs and 17 preset programs (5 weight management, 5 ‘Healthy Living’ programs, 7 Sports training programs)

  • Graph view


  • Quick change resistance buttons


  • Preset program buttons

    5 Quickset buttons to set the exercise programs

  • Holder for smartphones/tablets


  • USB-port

    Yes, double USB-port

  • Tablet-compatibility


  • Audio

    Built-in speakers and audio-input to connect the recumbent bike with your smartphone or headphones

  • Bluetooth interface


  • Heart rate monitor

    Contact heart rate sensors and Bluetooth-connectivity to use and optional chest strap

  • Intelli key



  • Seat

    Adjustable in length and height to 36 cm

  • Backrest

    Adjustable, breathable backrest

  • Pedals

    Self-balancing, adjustable straps

  • Resistance levels


  • Resistance system

    Magnetic - Eddy-Current

  • Double bearings


  • Type of bearings


  • Max. user weight

    181 kg

  • Bottle cage


  • Flywheel

    8 kg

  • Frame


  • Compatibel with IHP


  • Classification

    Professional use

  • Crank


  • Power supply

    Self-Generating Power System

  • Transport

    2 front-mounted wheels

  • Leveling


  • EAN-code



  • Dimensions

    L 176 x W 70 x H 126 cm

  • Weight

    78 kg


  • Shipping dimensions

    Single Box: L 178 x W 56 x H 61 cm

  • Gross weight

    84 kg


  • Use

    Professional use

  • Frame


  • Parts

    5 years

  • Labor

    2 years

  • Safety certifications

    CE certified



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