Treadmill desks

Treadmill desks

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  • A treadmill desk is a combination between a treadmill and a standing desk. Treadmill desks have been especially designed to use at the office or other (home) workplaces. By placing a treadmill underneath your standing desk, you can exercise while moving. This way you don’t have to be seated for hours and hours. This is very good to both your mental and physical health.  

    Why you should start working with a treadmill desk Prolonged seating is incredibly bad for you. It can cause cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s and dementia, overweight and physical complaints. Are you one of those desk jockeys that spend their working days seated? Then it's high time to get yourself a treadmill desk. A treadmill desk is ideal to work with. 

    The treadmill has a low maximum speed so you can keep 100% focused on the job at hand. The desk is manually or electronically adjustable in height and has a large desktop. You can easily place all your personal belongings, just like with a regular desk. The desktop is fitted with a console with QuickSet buttons so you can immediately start walking and won’t lose precious working time. 

    In fact, walking while working will even make you more productive and creative and helps you to work faster and more efficient. It also improves the quality of your work, prevents you from lower back pain and stimulates the blood circulation so you’ll be less vulnerable to varicose veins. Walking and working simultaneously makes you burn loads of calories and reach 10.000 steps on a daily base with ease! 


    You’ll find your new treadmill desk with us Are you ready for a treadmill desk for your office or workplace at home? You’ll find it here! We delivery free and lightning fast. Order now and you’ll be walking and working simultaneously within just 2 days from now! We can ship to almost all European countries. Check them out here.  


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