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LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 GlowUp

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LifeSpan TR5000-SC110 Under Desk Treadmill with the NEW and improved SC110 Console!

The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 is a nice treadmill to put at your workplace with a pretty, clear and easy-to-use console. The SC110 console is the renewed and improved version of the DT3-BT console.

Sturdy and robust treadmill to place in almost every working environment

The LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110 is a sturdy and robust treadmill, but also dense enough to be placed in nearly every working environment. With a length of 160 cm and a width of 72 cm the treadmill is long and wide enough to be able to walk comfortably, also at the maximum speed of 6.4 km/h. This speed can be set at the pretty SC110 console, but you can pick any speed level between 0.6 – 6.4 km/h and thus walk as fast as you’re comfortable with.

The TR5000-SC110 is a treadmill to use at work so it’s fully focused on your working comfort. It has a whisper-quiet drive motor so you can have meeting and phone calls while you’re walking and won’t disturb or distract colleagues and yourself from the tasks at hand during walking. The treadmill is equipped with handy transport wheels so you can relocate it or store it in a space-saving way if you don’t want to use it for a bit.

Nice and easy-to-use SC110 console

The console is 20 cm long, 14 cm wide and 8 cm high and can be placed at any desktop. It’s placed on a convenient standard leaning backwards a bit, so you can keep reading the display from every angle. The white letters against the dark background also contribute to this. The display is 3 cm big and clearly states the time date, distance, exercise time, calories, steps and speed. The console is easy to use so you’ll have inserted your desired settings in no time. It also features preset memory buttons so you don’t have to insert your desired settings again next time you want to talk a walk.

A better health with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110

Prolonged sitting is bad for you and a lot of people don’t get their daily required exercise. Does this apply to you as well? Then change your sedentary lifestyle into an active lifestyle with the LifeSpan Workplace Under Desk Treadmill TR5000-SC110. With this treadmill you’ll easily reach 10.000 steps a day and will burn a shit load of calories in the process! Because of the quiet drive motor and the supple and regular steps you take you’ll complete forget you’re actually walking. This way you’ll have finished a complete workout before you know it and you won’t have to slaving away in the gym. Daily exercise of 30 minutes is better for your health than one or two hours of fitness once or twice a week anyway.

So don’t wait any longer and get your LifeSpan TR5000-SC110 treadmill today!

Working actively and more healthy with the TR5000-SC110

The TR5000-SC110 is the ideal treadmill for your workplace. It's robust but compact and can easily be placed in every room and underneath any height-adjustable desk. The treadmill has a low maximum speed and six independent compression shocks so you don't have to worry about joint complaints and injury. It has a high maximum user weight of no less than 159 kg and can be used all day long by individuals. Add activity and exercise to your workplace with the TR5000-SC110 to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Easy to relocate and to store thanks to the transport wheels

The treadmill is fairly heavy and can't be folded. Luckily there's no need for this thanks to the convenient transport wheels. You just have to lift the treadmill at the back to relocate it and put it wherever you want. The TR5000-SC110 adjusts perfectly to your working environment!




  • Recommended use

    All-Day, Shared Use

  • Dimensions treadmill

    L 160 x B 72 x H 18 cm

  • Dimensions console

    W 31.8 x D 7.6 x H 5 cm

  • Step up height

    12 cm

  • Belt type

    Maintenance-free Habasit

  • Belt size

    W 51 x L 127 cm

  • Marked belt


  • Drive motor

    Whisper-quiet 3 HP Continuous Duty Motor

  • Speed

    0.6 - 6.4 km/h

  • Incline

    Not Available: Walking at an incline while working is not recommended by ergonomists as it takes your body out of a neutral position and places strain on your back and joints

  • Deck suspension

    6 Independent Compression Shocks

  • Deck

    1,9 cm

  • Side rails


  • Transport

    2 front-mounted wheels

  • Max. user weight

    181 kg

  • Average amp. Draw

    2.45 Amps

  • Assembly

    No Assembly Required

  • EAN-code



  • Desk height adjustment


  • Max. desktop height


  • Desktop size


  • Desktop color


  • Desktop materials


  • Frame colors


  • Frame materials



  • Shipping dimensions

    L 170 x W 76 x H 23 cm

  • Product weight

    Treadmill: 52 kg and Console: 1.4 kg


  • Use

    Multi use

  • Frame


  • Motor

    3 years

  • Parts

    2 years

  • Labor

    1 year

  • Safety certifications

    CE Certified



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